Odd Jobs & Special Projects

Are you too busy?

If you’re too busy and need to tick off all those ‘odd jobs’ off your To Do List, we can assist with that as well. Minor repairs, renovations, painting, tiling even landscaping.

If you’re wanting ideas on how to improve your home, I can also help you with that. Simply book a time and we can discuss what you’re wanting to achieve and I can provide all the practical and affordable solutions for you to decide on

Special Projects?

Knowing where to start is the first step. I can help you with that.

We’ve all had that project, too big for a builder and too small to bother someone with but we’re happy to help you sort it out.

We can discuss what you need and then provide you with the best solution and ideas to help you solve it.

So if you’re struggling with where to start, contact myself and let’s tick that off your list.